Dussur was established by Royal Decree. The shareholders are three of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s largest and most respected organizations, the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF), Saudi Aramco and SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation).

Our Mission

To maximize the developmental impact on the Saudi economy by executing strategic and sustainable industrial investments with world-class technical partners, unlocking the Kingdom’s industrial value chains.

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Dussur operates a sustainable investment model that facilitates the development of key industrial sectors and their desired value chains in the Kingdom. Of particular interest is downstream development in strategically important industries.

Dussur will create a significant number of quality job opportunities for the Kingdom’s citizens through its investments in the targeted sectors.


Dussur Ownership structure

Dussur is a key component of the Kingdom’s vision to create a globally competitive industrial sector based on innovation that will act as a major tool for transforming national resources into sustainable wealth.

Dussur’s designated role is to advance industrialization and diversification away from oil through the creation of profitable companies that might not be developed by the private sector alone. The company focuses on investments in the Kingdom through joint venture partnerships with global industry leaders, with each investment designed to be sustainable and active.

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